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MA in Graphic Design
Academy of Art University

→ Completed a comprehensive two-year master’s program in graphic design, emphasizing typography, visual language, user experience design, compositional layouts, web
design, and brand identity and systems. This experience expanded my knowledge of graphic design and its historical context, providing a thorough understanding of the field’s intricacies.


BFA in Creative Media
Champlain College

→ Studied the evolution of art throughout history and examined artists pertinent to the dynamic media environment. Designed and executed personal projects aimed at building a comprehensive creative portfolio, utilizing HTML and CSS to develop websites. Explored concepts of interactive user experience and UI theory.

2018 & 2021

Certificate in UX design
General Assembly

→ Concluded a six-week Visual Design course, gaining proficiency in essential design principles and techniques in 2018. Successfully finished a 10-week UX Design course, culminating in the creation of a marketing campaign for an imaginary food delivery app in 2021.





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